• Registered business items:
    Papers, boards, paper molds, international trades, warehouse, renting……

  • Current business:
    • 1. Paper for invoice, slip papers for LCD panels, Dowling paper, kraft paper, molding paper and so on.
    • 2. Molded fiber products.
    • 3. Diversification and strategic partnerships.
  • Current research projects:
    • 1. Film paper for agricultural use
    • 2. Grease-proof paper
    • 3. Seed tray
  • Product portfolio:
Kraft paper
Cement bags and chemical bags.
Sieve pattern paper
For catalogs, invitation cards, calendars, and title pages for books.
Recycled kraft paper
Cement bags and chemical bags
Newspaper reels
For newspaper and DM
Unbleached sheet paper for stainless steel
Bleached sheet paper for stainless steel
Slip sheets
Slip sheets for LCD panels
Colored kraft paper
For envelops, official document envelops and bags, and industrial bags
Grease-proof paper
For food packaging
Dowling paper
For printed pamphlets, notebooks, and documents.