HCMP offers comprehensive product portfolio of mold fiber products for food and consumer electronics industries. HCMP also offers trusted turn-key solutions that includes process technologies, equipment, plants, and systems. As the largest equipment vendor in Taiwan, we are dedicated to invest in new technologies and innovate for a plastic-free future.

Product portfolio

CR pulp layout
hTC OCM phone tray
Place mat
Pineapple cake packaging
Dinosaurian egg hTC RE mini camera
Coffee cup lid
Taiwanese gift box
Dyson supersonic hair dryer


Molded Fiber Products that Enables Environmental Sustainability

Our products includes compostable trays and containers for food, medical, and consumer electronic industries. The sources of pulps, such as sugarcanes, bamboo, wood, and recycled OCC, ONP, are environmental friendly and renewable.

More and more countries and companies are replacing plastics with paper boards, corrugated boxes, and recyclable packages. Molded fibers are now applied in milk bottle, coffee cups and lids, cosmetics, shoe box, mobile and tables.

We make more than packaging. We make statements. We developed technologies for exquisite draft angle and sharp edge for your brand to shine.

Dedicated Teams

RD Team - Machine design, CAD, programming

Factory team - Pulping, paper mill, molded fiber

Management team - Quality management and customer commitment

Automated process - Puling, molding, processing

Fast prototyping - CAD design, tooling, prototyping

Assets reserved for future RD expansion - Lands, factories, talents, technologies

Knowledge on Material of different pulps

Automated, cost-effect, customized process and equipment

In house Auto CAD/ Pro- E/ Solidworks and tooling teams

Facilities that includes 120 molded fiber machines, 20 CNC machines, 3-meter and 5-meter long milling machine in 33-hectare factories.

Process flow

Short intro of process flow


HCMP use CAD/PROE/SOLIWORK to draw out the product concept and program the CNC machine to make tools in house.


HCMP is dedicated to provide high-quality molded fiber products to enhance a plastic-free future.


Molded Fiber Solutions

Product Performance - Non-toxic, water-proof, grease-proof, biodegradable, recyclable.

Applied fields - Food trays, bowls, gift box, industrial packaging.

Product advantages -

  1. Strengthened inner structure to protect products
  2. Recyclable
  3. Custom-made for exquisite look
  4. No toxics are added
  5. Anti-static
  6. Best alternative of EPS, PE and PP.


Molded fiber products for industrial packaging - Molded fiber products are first molded into designed shapes, sent into dryer or dried in room temperature, and reach thickness from 3mm to 5mm. The molded fiber products are comprehensively used to replace plastics as flower pot, food tray, medical tray, bed pan, and cushioning material.

Molded fiber products for consumer electronics packaging - Molded fiber are first molded, then heat-pressed in mold, and dried in mold without additional drying equipment. The product reaches thickness from 0.5mm to 2mm. One side of the product has mesh mark and the other side has smooth surface. The product density is high to enable small and precise draft angle. The solution is widely used in mobile, tablet, and other high-priced, small volume gadgets.

Customized products - The product requires different pulp and different additive or pigment to differentiate from the existing products. The products are first molded, heat-pressed for second molding, stamped, punched, or side-cut to enable hollow structure or double-decked packaging.


( D-U-N-S® Registered™ )

The company has passed D-U-N-S® Registered™

Environmental certification

ISO 9001 國際認證
SGS 中文國際認證
SGS 中文國際認證
SGS 中文國際認證
SGS 中文國際認證
SGS 中文國際認證
SGS 中文國際認證
SGS 中文國際認證