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Reimagine the Future

The Company will reach first centennial in 2018. In the long history, I am fortunate enough to participate in small but critical part of the company’s development. In running this company, I see the challenges that global economy whirls us into. At the same time, I also see the advantages that our company inherits and the future that our company will create.

In the Japanese Colonial age, sugarcane fields abound and timber industry took root. At the Taiping Mountain foot, the small down Lo-Tung was full of cypress flagrance. Taiwan Hsin Yieh Co., founded by the Japanese government in Lo-tung, used sugarcane and silvergrass bagasse to produce paper for newspaper and many other industrial use. At that time, Taiwan Hsin Yieh Co., was the largest paper mill in Taiwan and in Southeast Asia. From then on, we has been dedicated ourselves to paper manufacturing.

As Taiwan goes through a string of changes, the company also went through a series of transformation. The most critical one is privatization. After privatization, we are given the free rein to act more agilely and explore new markets, such as molded fiber market and machine market.

When I was walking in the old factory, I always feel pride and urgent to act. We need to preserve the historical legacy while reinvigorating the local economy simultaneously. As a company, Hsing Chung Paper should keep integrity, pure, and simple as the company culture. The company will tries its best to help all our employees settle down in I-Lan, Taiwan, while eyeing and exploring the global market.

In the current capitalistic mode of production, the global resources will be depleted and the environment continues to worsen. I cannot help but wonder: what kind of earth will be left for our next generation?

Our company is thus dedicated to green manufacturing that paves the way to circular economy. We are investing in research and development, crafting a customer-oriented culture, and soliciting customer’s consent to replacing plastic with molded fiber products.

In the process of manufacturing molded fiber products, we has the golden opportunities to avoid virgin material and optimize the efficiency of using natural resources. By designing, manufacturing, and marketing the bio-degradable, compostable products, we believe we can create a virtuous cycle of quality of life, a prosperous local economy, and sustainable environment. This mode of circular economy, we believe, has the potential to subvert linear massive production and given everyone a change to reimagine the future.

Company at a Glance

Hsing Chung Paper Ltd., was founded on Septermber 25th, 2001.

Capital: 500 million NT dollars.


Hsing Chung Paper Ltd., was founded on October 16th. After privatization, the company made forays into new markets of growth. HCMP was founded on June 30th 2003 as a subsidiary of Hsing Chung Paper Ltd., to start selling molded fiber products and machines. Hsing Chung Paper Ltd., sells paper for invoices, newspapers, Dowling paper, kraft paper, and other specialized papers. Based on years of experience and research, the company introduced high-quality slip sheets for panels and keep researching papers for agricultural uses. Driven by the core values of business integrity, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, the company is dedicated to become your partner for production of pulp, paper and board from renewable resources .

HCMP sells molded fiber products for food industry and consumer electronic industry. Apart from cups, trays, cutleries, packaging solutions for mobiles and tablets, HCMP also offers turnkey solution that includes process technologies, equipment, plant, and system. As one of the largest molded fiber companies in Taiwan, HCMP offers a comprehensive product portfolio. Based on years of research on products and process technologies, HCMP provides customized solutions that enable your success and a plastic-free future.


1918 Taiwan Hsin Yeh Ltd. was founded by Japanese colonial government.

1949 Taiwan Hsin Yeh Ltd. was reorganized and named Taiwan Paper Co. under KMT rule. Taiwan Paper Co. owns 6 paper factories in Lo-tung, Da-tu, Hsin-ying, Xiaogang, Shilin, and Lin Tian Shan.

1959 Taiwan Hsin Yeh Ltd was renamed Taiwan Hsing Chung Paper. Ltd and became the only state-run paper factory in Taiwan.

1979 The No. 9 Paper Mill was open. The annual production for newspaper reached 50,000 tons.

1984 The No. 10 Paper Mill was open. The annual production for newspaper reached 110,000 tons.

1999 Taiwan Hsing Chung Paper Ltd. was under the Ministry of Affair after the government downsized.

2001 Taiwan Hsing Chung Paper Ltd, went through privatization.

2002 Taiwan Hsing Chung Paper Ltd, went through privatization.

2003 HCMP, Hsing Chung Molded Paper, was founded as a subsidiary of Hsing Chung Paper Ltd,.

2004 Start research and development of machines for molded fiber products.

2006 Start providing turnkey solutions for molded fiber products.

2006 Tooling department was founded.

2008 Start research and development for machinery for molded fiber products.

2010 Start a new business unit of machine for molded fiber products.